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Who is eligible for the Partner Sales Rep Incentive promotion?
The promotion is available to sales reps which are employed by a Check Point certified active reseller within the Check Point partner program at the time the Purchase Order is submitted for an eligible appliance. Please refer to the Promotion Terms and Conditions for additional eligibility requirements.
Which products are eligible under the Partner Sales Rep Incentive promotion?
Partner sales reps can earn a reward for selling the following Check Point appliance models:

Appliance Model

Partner Incentive Amount
(provided in the form of a gift credit card)













How many appliances do I need to sell in order to earn a reward?
The incentive will be offered to partner sales reps from the sale of the 2nd appliance only, as well as any subsequent sales of eligible appliances. Sale of only two eligible appliances will not earn a reward.
Is there a cap to the incentive amount that a Partner Sales Rep can earn?
Yes. Each Partner Sales Rep is limited to a maximum total amount of $10,000 under this Promotion.
Are High Availability (HA) appliances eligible for this promotion?
Yes. You can earn a reward also on High Availability (HA) appliances of models 4800 and above.
Do I need to register for the Partner Sales Rep Incentive Promotion?
Partner sales rep must join and pre-register to the program via PartnerMAP. Registration must be completed prior to the expiration of the Promotion.
What information will I be asked to provide when I register for the Partner Sales Rep Incentive Promotion?
You will be asked for your PartnerMap credentials. Since we will use your PartnerMap account information to further communicate with you about the incentive program, you should make sure your profile is updated in PartnerMAP.
How do I claim my rewards?
Once you are registered to the program, you can start registering the deals you are working on that includes qualifying appliances. For each deal, you will need to provide the appliance family, the quantity of appliances sold and the customer name.Post registration you will receive a registration number. This ID number will need to be provided to your Check Point or Distribution channel manager so that they can include it in each deal documents such as opportunity and NSP form. This number will enable us to validate your reward at the end of the quarter.
How can I track the amount of rewards I accumulated in this promotion?
You can view an estimation of the rewards you accumulated when logging in to your PartnerMap account with your individual username.
How will the reward be paid?
Once your eligibility is confirmed, you will receive an email from Check Point with a link where you will need to provide your personal information (including ID number, address and tax residency). Upon completion of internal Check Point approval process - the reward, in the form of a gift credit card, will be mailed to you at the address you provided. Once you receive the card, you will need to activate it by phone or online. Following a successful activation process - you will get an email notification prompting you to load your money into your card. The card will be available for you to use upon completion of the loading process.
Will I be liable for any fees associated with the credit card?
No, you will not be charged any fees associated with your use of the gift card.
How can I spend the money loaded on the credit card?
You may use your credit card to purchase products and/or services from any business accepting the type of card provided. You will not be able to withdraw cash from your credit card at an ATM.
Will I be liable for tax payment associated with this reward?
You will need to comply with your local tax laws applicable in your jurisdiction. Check Point is not liable for tax-related issues associated with this reward and/or program.
In Canada and Israel, tax will be withheld (deducted at source) from the total payment amount in order to comply with local tax laws. You will need to provide us with your personal details such as address, tax ID.
In the US - you will have to file form W-9. You will receive form 1099 from CP by the end of the year.

By participating in this promotion, you agree to the Promotion Terms and Conditions.

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