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SmartCenter solutions are powerful tools for centrally configuring, managing and monitoring multiple Check Point gateways and enforcement points as well as certified best-of-breed security solutions. Based on Check Point's unique three-tiered Security Management Architecture (SMART), SmartCenter solutions enable organizations to perform all aspects of security management via a single, unified console. SmartCenter is comprised of a dashboard that enables administrators to centrally define VPN, firewall and QoS policies and a management server to store these policies. This is combined with automatic policy distribution to deliver greater control, improved security and enhanced ease of use.

Target Customer

  • Customers for integrated management of their entire security infrastructure
  • Customers looking to minimize labor costs and maximize management ease
  • Customers looking for centralized and uniform distribution of security policy and updates

Market Needs

  • Management scalability as users and number of locations grows
  • Easy to use graphical interfaces
  • Visual depiction of networks and security policy

Partner Opportunities

  • Leverage SmartCenter to sell additional enforcement solutions with integrated management
  • Leverage SmartCenter as key Check Point differentiator



"The Check Point SmartCenter GUI is easy to use, enabling the administration of very complex systems, which would otherwise be impossible to manage."

Jorge Rocha
Network Division Coordinator
FEUP Computer Center